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A solo horror play with no blood and no death, INNOCENCE tells the story of Paige Paige, the internationally prominent puppeteer responsible for the wildly popular children's television character, Clumsy the six-year-old white elephant, and Paige's bond - and eventual obsession - with a twelve-year-old co-star.

A Mondays at 3 reading of INNOCENCE, with Lea DeLaria as Paige Paige, was presented by New York Theatre Workshop.


A four-person thriller about jealousy, revenge, and the Witness Protection Program, TRACKS takes place on the downtown #3 train at 4am.


A private first reading of TRACKS included Laura Linney, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Aaron Roman Weiner, and Bill Bowers.


An intimate three-actor re-imagining of Arthur Schnitzler's infamous 1926 novella, Traumnovelle (published in English as Rhapsody and Dream Story, and notably the basis for Stanley Kubrick's controversial final film, Eyes Wide Shut), A Bedtime Story follows an unsettled young forensic pathologist through a hypnotic nightmare of sexual possession in contemporary New York City on Halloween night.

Under the title Snuff, A Bedtime Story was developed through Open Bar Theatricals' First Round Fellowship in 2016.


A public reading of Cirque du Mental was presented by American Theater Group at Hamilton Stage in Rahway, NJ as part of 8 Plays in 8 Days, on March 9th, 2013, under the title Mental Circus. The presentation was directed by Aaron Mark and the cast was Bill Bowers, Kristine Zbornik, Allison Briner, and Katie Klaus.

Cirque du Mental tells the ridiculous and disturbing story of a pill-popping pseudo-French Canadian clown on a quest to open up his own one-man "minimalist circus" in Coney Island.  



A reading of Dead Agenting, a play "not about Scientology", was presented in October of 2010 with Tom Hewitt, Adam Heller, Amy Warren, Katie Klaus, Frank Vlastnik, Lance Rubin, and Brian Williams.

Dead Agenting exposes a fictional religious organization called 'Catharsigy' and its practice of 'dead agenting' dissenters.


A staged reading of Failed Suicide Attempts was presented by the Blank Theatre Company in Hollywood, California on April 26th, 2010 as part of their Living Room Series, directed by J. Richey Nash and featuring Stephanie Erb, John O'Brien, and Annie Abrams. Prior to that, the play received a reading in New York with Faith Prince, Frank Vlastnik, and Amy Warren. 

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