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There's one thing she never saw coming.

Eccentric psychic medium Celeste Fox has enjoyed a decades-long career in the public eye, coaching people through exciting and challenging times with her unique spiritual insight...but her reputation takes a significant blow after a recent public appearance results in a tragic death. To defend herself against wild accusations and sensational media coverage, Celeste books a recording studio in Manhattan where she aims to take control of her own narrative by recording an episode of a new podcast. As the episode progresses, Celeste divulges details from her past and weaves an intricate tale from which she has difficulty untangling herself, even as the stakes of her confession mount.

The Vanishing Negative is an Audible Theater Emerging Playwrights Commission; audio production and sound design by Darren Vermaas; produced by Emilia LaPenta; associate produced by Phaedra Scott; engineered by Geoff Rockwell/Southside Studios, Ft. Worth, and Aaron Kennedy/Village Studios, Los Angeles.

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